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Hi, I'm Taylor.

I am Taylor Haas, the founder of Farmhand Flower Co, a family owned flower farm established in 2020 during one of the most challenging moments for the world. Over the initial three years of operation, we experienced tremendous support from the community, organized enjoyable events, and cultivated beautiful flowers. Farmhand, proudly founded within the LGBTQ+ community, actively advocates for and supports other minority-owned businesses and communities. Our commitment is to be an inclusive company, catering to a diverse clientele.

In 2024, we embarked on a significant expansion of our operations, expanding to almost 1 full acre of production. Our flowers are readily available at farmers markets throughout the growing season and customers can conveniently purchase our flowers online for delivery. For those seeking a more personalized experience, we offer subscription services, allowing subscribers to effortlessly receive our bouquets throughout the season. 

Mission Statement

We exist to grow and provide flowers for the community. Ultimately bringing a farm-to-table freshness to any home or business.

View of our farm with flowers in foreground and barn in distance.


Our land has been in our family for over 60 years, my father was only two weeks old when it was purchased. The soil here has been worked for decades by my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Passed down for generations, our farm is currently home to my parents and someday my father will pass down to me. The farm has seen years of cattle, chickens, hogs, various crops, vegetable gardens, and now ...flower gardens. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to share the beautiful flowers with those who came before me and my parents now, through a connection in nature.


  • Since this is our family farm, we prefer to have our farm private at this time and do not allow visitation. We post as much as possible on our social channels to allow you a peek into the production on our farm. We also try to allow for as many opportunities as possible to visit us at markets, pop-ups, events, etc.

  • To preface this response, it is important to keep in mind that large retailers such as Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Amazon, Kroger, each operate in a way in which their flowers can be imported for very little cost to them. Farmhand sets pricing based on these three principals;


    1.  Align with other local flower growers.

    2. Remain profitable for future growth.

    3. Pay employees fairly for the labor intensive work that is performed.


    While operating a flower farm is both fun and beautiful, it is also a very dirty, difficult, and time consuming process for a small business. 

  • Farmhand Flower Co only uses organic practices for the reduction of pests at this time. To be fully transparent, our crops are currently treated with 100% cold pressed Neem Oil and Pure Castile Soap.

  • During our season, which is typically April-October, you can purchase flowers here on our website, at farmers markets, and at other various markets that we attend. Our Social Media channels such as Instagram and Facebook are the best means of knowing where we are at!

  • Our region (7a) only supports a growing season within that timeline. While we are able to over-winter some varieties in order to have earlier blooms, it is just not possible for a local farm in our area to have blooming flowers year-round without larger temperature conrolled greenhouse facilities. 

  • We highly prefer to only use our flowers for bouquets and are even required by local farmers markets to sell only locally grown flowers. In the event of a shortage of flowers, we may work with other local growers to supplement blooms into our selection.

  • Farmhand Flower Co does not offer wedding services at this time. We can, however, recommend other local flower farms that do offer this service if you prefer to keep your flowers local!

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